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Rocky Point Rotary Club

Men's Long Drive Contest Sponsor

Men's Long Drive Contest Sponsor

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Men's Long Drive Contest Sponsorship - Power Drive for a Cause

Showcase Your Brand: Be at the forefront of the game's mightiest swings. As the official Men's Long Drive Contest Sponsor, your brand will prominently feature on a vivid full color contest sign, capturing the gaze of every participant and spectator during this much-anticipated event.

The Reward - Ultimate Sports and Entertainment Access: The player who unleashes the longest drive isn't just awarded bragging rights but also a VIP Ticket certificate. This golden ticket grants access for two to a plethora of sports and entertainment spectacles across the US and Canada, including major leagues like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. It doesn’t stop there; the winner can also choose from a rich selection of concerts, Broadway shows, and musicals. An award truly fit for a champion!

The Game's Big Hitters Shine: The Men's Long Drive Contest salutes the game's power players. Conducted on a lengthy, straight, typically a Par 5 course, it’s where strength meets precision. Participants aim to outdo each other, marking their best with a provided marker. The adrenaline-packed event culminates as the last group etches their mark, determining the ultimate long-drive champion.

Drive with Purpose: Your sponsorship does more than enhance the thrill of the game; it channels funds towards the endeavors of the Rocky Point Rotary Foundation. Through this contest, you're not just boosting the spirit of competition but also backing a noble cause. Join hands with us, and let every yard driven mean a step closer to our shared goals.

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