A Tradition of Service and Joy at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

A Tradition of Service and Joy at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

Rocky Point Rotary member Suzanne Johnson

Every year, certain moments stand out, reminding us of the strength of community spirit and the joy of giving. August 10th was one such day, as the Rocky Point Rotary Club continued its time-honored tradition of serving dinner to the enthusiastic campers and dedicated staff of Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, a unique summer retreat located in Center Moriches, New York, offering children with disabilities a safe and enriching environment for recreation, learning, and personal growth.

The camp buzzed with excitement as the date approached. The theme? A lively circus! Underneath the sound of the pouring rain, it felt as if one had stepped into a world of merriment and festivities typically associated with a grand circus gala. The event wasn't just about serving food; it was about creating memories, experiences, and ensuring that the essence of the circus was palpable in every smile, every plate, and every note of gratitude.

Rocky Point Rotary Club Members

A commendable team of selfless Rotarians, alongside a dedicated non-Rotarian, took on the heartwarming task of preparing the dinner from scratch. The menu catered to the diverse dietary requirements of the campers, ensuring everyone had a bite of the fun. From sizzling hot dogs reminiscent of circus stands, a rich vegetarian chili for those seeking a heartier, meat-free option, to delightful gluten-free cupcakes that catered to those with dietary restrictions—there was something for everyone!

However, the true highlight of the evening was an unexpected and touching gesture by the campers. In an overwhelming display of gratitude, they serenaded the Rotarians, their voices echoing the heartbeats of many years of love, service, and mutual respect. Such moments drive home the profound impact simple acts of service can have on young hearts and minds.

Ann Marie Davis, Jeff Davis, and Deirdre Dubato Getting Dessert Ready for Happy Campers at Camp Pa Qua Tuck

 Behind this magnificent event were Ann Marie and Jeff Davis. Their tireless efforts, meticulous organization, and passion for community service ensured every detail was in place, and the evening was nothing short of perfection. Their dedication encapsulates the spirit of the Rocky Point Rotary Club—a spirit of giving, unity, and community-building.

 It's worth noting that this isn't a one-off act of kindness by the Rocky Point Rotary Club. For over 40 years, the club has been a consistent pillar of support for Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, weaving a tapestry of memories and experiences for generations of campers. This longevity speaks volumes of Rocky Point Rotary’s commitment to the camp's mission and the children it serves.

Camp Pa Qua Tuck Serenading Rocky Point Rotary

Yet, for traditions like these to continue, for memories to be made, and for more melodies of gratitude to be sung, it requires not just dedication but resources too. Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck thrives on the generosity of donors and volunteers. Every contribution, big or small, ensures that this sanctuary of joy, learning, and community can continue to touch lives.

Camp Pa Qua Tuck Camper Enjoying a Cup Cake from Rocky Point Rotary

Become a part of this incredible journey. Your contribution, be it financial, in-kind donations, or volunteering your time, can make a tangible difference. By supporting the camp and its initiatives, you are not just donating—you are becoming a part of a legacy, a tradition, and a future filled with hope and joy.

To the campers, staff, and every supporter of Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, here's to many more years of circus-themed dinners, melodies of gratitude, and the unwavering spirit of community. To those who are yet to join this journey, come be a part of this magic.

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