Rocky Point Rotary Wheel Ceremony

Rocky Point Rotary Wheel

The Rotary wheel is the official emblem of Rotary International. The design of the Rotary wheel was first adopted in 1905 at the Rotary Club of Chicago's second meeting, and it has since become an internationally recognized symbol of Rotary's commitment to service and philanthropy. The wheel is used on Rotary's flags, banners, and other materials to signify the organization's values and mission. The design went through many changes in the early years of Rotary.

Rocky Point Rotary, located in New York on Long Island’s North Shore, hosts a Wheel Ceremony when inducting new members. The six spokes of the Rotary wheel represent the following:

  1. First Spoke - Happiness
  2. Second Spoke – Service
  3. Third Spoke – Investments
  4. Fourth Spoke – Dividends
  5. Fifth Spoke – Friendship
  6. Sixth Spoke - Unnamed

The sixth spoke is unnamed in order to symbolize an individual Rotary member's own ideas, projects, desires, and passions.

During a Rocky Point Rotary Wheel Ceremony, each spoke is assigned to a club member. Each member then speaks about the idea behind that spoke and what it means to him or her. At the end of their presentation, they physically place the spoke into the wheel. Thereby strengthening the wheel with each spoke.

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