A Warm and Foggy Evening of Joy: The Rocky Point Tree Lighting Ceremony

A Warm and Foggy Evening of Joy: The Rocky Point Tree Lighting Ceremony

As the calendar turned to December 2nd, the community of Rocky Point gathered for an event that has become a cherished tradition – the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Unlike the typical chilly winter evenings, this year graced the crowds with an unusually warm night, adding to the unique charm of the event.

The air was thick with excitement and, quite literally, fog. A gentle mist enveloped the gathering, creating an almost magical atmosphere as families, friends, and neighbors came together in anticipation. The warmth of the evening was a delightful surprise, allowing everyone to enjoy the festivities without the usual bundle of scarves and gloves.

In true community spirit, members of the Rocky Point Rotary Club were there, not just as spectators but as spirited contributors to the night's joy. Armed with smiles and an endless supply of hot cocoa, they served the crowds, ensuring everyone had a warm cup to enjoy. The aroma of chocolate mingled with the fog, creating a cozy blanket of comfort around us.

Rocky Point Rotary Members Serving Hot Cocoa

The moment we all waited for finally arrived – the lighting of the Christmas tree. As the lights twinkled on, piercing the foggy veil, it felt as though the stars themselves had descended to join in our celebration. The tree, magnificent and bright, stood as a beacon of the holiday spirit.

As the crowd's excitement built, the highlight of the evening made a grand entrance. Santa, the beloved figure of the season, arrived in style, not on his traditional sleigh, but on a gleaming firetruck, courtesy of our brave local firefighters. His arrival was met with cheers and wide-eyed wonder from the children (and let's admit, many adults too!). He waved to the crowd, his jolly demeanor bringing smiles and igniting the festive spirit in all of us.

Santa Arrives and Waves to the Crowd

This year's Rocky Point Tree Lighting Ceremony was more than just an event; it was a testament to the community's warmth and camaraderie. Despite the foggy blanket, or perhaps because of it, there was a sense of togetherness that reminded everyone of the true essence of the holiday season – community, joy, and the simple pleasure of a cup of hot cocoa on a warm December night.

As the crowds left, with the melodies of Christmas carols echoing behind them, there was a unanimous feeling of gratitude for this special place everyone calls home, and for the moments of joy shared as a community. Here's to many more tree lighting ceremonies and the continued warmth of the Rocky Point spirit!

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