Rocky Point Rotary Welcomes Jane Alcorn of the Tesla Foundation

Rocky Point Rotary Welcomes Jane Alcorn of the Tesla Foundation

On March 26, 2024, the Rocky Point Rotary Club had the distinguished honor of hosting Jane Alcorn, a pivotal figure in the efforts to revitalize the Tesla Foundation in Shoreham, New York. This landmark, dedicated to preserving the legacy of inventor Nikola Tesla, suffered significant damage due to a fire in November 2023. Jane Alcorn's presentation not only shed light on the harrowing night of the fire but also highlighted the community's resilience and commitment to restoring this important piece of history.

Jane Alcorn, who has been at the forefront of the Tesla Foundation for years, captivated the audience with her detailed recount of the fateful night in November when the fire broke out. Despite the devastation, her message was one of hope and unity. Alcorn outlined the immediate steps taken to safeguard what remained and ongoing plans for the foundation's restoration.

The presentation was a profound reminder of Nikola Tesla's enduring legacy and his contributions to science and technology. Alcorn emphasized how the Tesla Foundation has served as a beacon of innovation and inspiration, attracting visitors and scholars from around the globe. She shared the vision for the foundation's future, which includes not only rebuilding the damaged structures but also expanding its educational programs and outreach.

The Rocky Point Rotary Club members were moved by Alcorn's passion and determination. The discussion that followed her presentation focused on how the community and organizations like the Rotary could support the Tesla Foundation's rebuilding efforts. This exchange of ideas reinforced the club's commitment to community service and the preservation of historical heritage.

The session concluded with a round of applause for Jane Alcorn, acknowledging her leadership and the shared goal of reviving the Tesla Foundation. The Rocky Point Rotary Club extends its heartfelt thanks to Jane for her enlightening presentation and invites the community to join in supporting the rebirth of the Tesla Foundation in Shoreham, NY.

For information on how to support the Tesla Foundation's rebuilding efforts, please visit the Tesla Foundation's website or reach out to the Rocky Point Rotary Club. This mission to rebuild represents an opportunity for the community to help preserve the legacy of Nikola Tesla for future generations.

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