Rocky Point Rotary Corridor of Peace Project

Rocky Point Rotary USA, located in New York on Long Island's North Shore, leads the Corridor of Peace Project, encompassing four school districts: Longwood, Miller Place, Shoreham Wading River, and Rocky Point. Defined geographically by Route 25A to the north and Route 25 to the south, with Route 112 and William Floyd Parkway setting the east-west perimeters, this corridor is a testament to the quest for harmony. 

The definition of peace splits into two distinct components. 'Peace,' capitalized, signifies the quest for global tranquility, nuclear disarmament, and the end of warfare, aligning with Rotary International’s focus areas. Conversely, 'peace' in lowercase connotes safety and security at home and within the community. The rallying cry "Increase the Peace" encapsulates the project’s ethos.

The Peace Pole serves as a tangible symbol of these aspirations. Beginning in Japan in 1955, the peace pole movement has since seen over 250,000 installations worldwide. A key goal is the placement of peace poles at each school in the designated districts, furthering their reach into community spaces to echo the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth."

To date, twenty-five peace poles have been established in the Rocky Point Rotary Corridor of Peace, enhancing the landscape with their message. The project strives to unite community members under a common purpose, instilling the values of peace-building and cooperation in future generations through a focus on educational institutions.