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Rocky Point Rotary Club

$50,000 Four Golfer Shootout

$50,000 Four Golfer Shootout

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  • Spotlight Sponsorship Opportunity for District 7255 Rotary Cup

    A High-Profile Highlight: Get ready to align your brand on a full color sign with one of the most electrifying events of the District 7255 Rotary Cup – the $50,000 Four Golfer Shootout. This concept, brimming with anticipation and excitement, promises to be a focal point of the tournament, drawing undivided attention from attendees and participants alike.

    Here's What to Expect:

  • The four contenders stepping up for the Shootout will either be the triumphant foursome from the day's play or lucky golfers chosen from a suspense-filled raffle.

  • Prime Location: Ensuring maximum visibility and buzz, the Shootout will be hosted on a hole strategically located near the clubhouse. Spectators can gather around, creating an electric atmosphere of collective anticipation.

  • The Challenge: From a distance of 165 yards on the fairway, each of the four golfers will take their shot, aiming for glory.

  • The Prize: Simple yet thrilling - nail the shot, and the golfer walks away with the grand cash prize.

  • Timing: To maintain the day's momentum and to ensure maximum audience engagement, the Shootout will unfurl right after the main golf event.

  • Your Impact: Your sponsorship doesn't just associate your brand with this exhilarating event. It actively contributes to the philanthropic mission of the Rocky Point Rotary Foundation, amplifying their efforts in community service.

    Stand out, make an impact, and be a part of the spectacle at the District 7255 Rotary Cup. Your brand, spotlighted in the $50K Shootout, promises to be a memory etched in the minds of all present.

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