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Rocky Point Rotary Club

Help Preserve Tesla's Legacy: Support Needed After Devastating Fire

Help Preserve Tesla's Legacy: Support Needed After Devastating Fire

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Tragedy struck on November 21st when a fire severely damaged Nikola Tesla's last standing laboratory Wardenclyffe in Shoreham, New York. Despite the efforts of over 100 firefighters, the historic site incurred significant damage.

In response, the Tesla Science Center, a key symbol of innovation and education, urgently requires financial support for restoration. Rocky Point Rotary is stepping in to assist the Center in its critical time of need.

While the Center is spearheading a $3-million emergency fund for extensive repairs and rebuilding, every donation is vital. Contributions will go towards repairing the roof, stabilizing the structure, and restoring this monumental piece of history.

Your support can make a real difference in preserving Tesla’s legacy of discovery and innovation. By donating, sharing the story, and spreading the word, you can help honor Tesla’s enduring spirit.

In addition to financial support, there are other ways to contribute to this cause. Spreading the word through social media, emails to friends, family, and colleagues, or reaching out to influencers and people with a significant following can greatly amplify the impact of this campaign.

Every effort, whether through donations or raising awareness, plays a significant role in preserving the legacy of Tesla’s innovation and discovery.

Join in this crucial mission to save a symbol of human ingenuity and progress. Every contribution, big or small, and every shared message helps in rebuilding and honoring the Tesla Science Center

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